Corporate News

  • 29-02-2020

    Annual staff tourism

    Every year, Zhongshan City Jinzhong Fastener Co., LTD organize all staff to go for a travel. In 2019, we have a travel to Foshan city, where there is a very beautiful park and waterland. Annual travelling not only can benefit to staff physially and mentally, but also can gather staff together, making us close like a family.

  • 13-07-2019

    Staff birthday party

    Every three months, our company will organize a birthday party for employees, invite employees whose birthday are in the last three months to have dinner, celebrate their birthdays, send gifts and bring benefits to each employee.

  • 13-07-2019

    Staff recognition conference

    Every month, our company will select several excellent employees with good performance in the last month to commend them and give certain rewards, which can not only encourage all other employees to learn from them, but also encourage excellent employees to continue and do better.

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